Vineyard, Climate, Terroir: The Ultimate Balance

Villa Loggio is situated in southern Tuscany, in the municipality of Cortona.

The hilly terroirs are perfectly suited to produce red wines, while flatter terroirs are ideal for white wines with a robust structure. The texture of the soil varies from sandy to clayish, and there is a low level of organic matter.

Villa Loggio estate includes 50 hectares of vineyards, with loamy sand soil especially suited to grow Syrah grapes. On average, there is less rainfall and a warmer temperature in the area surrounding Villa Loggio than elsewhere in Tuscany. This is due to its proximity to Trasimeno Lake, and to the higher Apennine mountains sheltering the area against heavy rainfalls.


Joerg Farys

Passion for Wine

50 hectares of Villa Loggio estate are dedicated to viticulture, including both international grapes and local varieties. Every year we select our finest grapes to create top quality wines: our annual production is about 50,000 bottles.

When it comes to the cellar, Villa Loggio combines the experience of centuries-old Tuscan winemaking with modern production technologies, to obtain new exceptional wines awarded at several international competitions.



Grapes and Cultivation

Our 50 hectares are mostly dedicated to grow red grapes, especially Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Among the whites, we give particular importance to local varieties as Vermentino and Trebbiano, followed by Viognier, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.

We also opted for high planting density, with nearly 9,000 grapevines per hectare. Grapes grow close to the stem and to the soil, which forces the vine to ripening the grapes before growing new shoots, allowing only the best fruit to mature.

Joerg Farys

The Cellar

Our cellar used to be a farm, with ample space destined to animals and agricultural tools. Now it is a restored building (dating to XVIII century) with timeless charm and state-of-art equipment for wine production. All our barriques are made of French rover, while the fermentation and storage area include wooden and stainless steel tanks, with controlled temperature and mechanized processes.

Tour our cellar and taste our wines! 

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